Celebrate WitH Us

People of the Waikato, this is your opportunity to nominate 125 women who shine in your community. 

125 Years of Women's Suffrage

Inspirational women who embody strength, vision and honour. Women who have a reputation for achieving greatness and demonstrate strength of character; much like the great Kate Sheppard who passionately pioneered and led the New Zealand suffrage movement 125 years ago.

Waikato125 aims to identify and celebrate the achievements of women across all industries; education, health, business, science, the arts, youth, philanthropy, leadership, indigenous and ethnic communities.

Hamilton City Councillor Angela O’Leary will award the Waikato’s 125 with a commemorative plaque at the Waikato125 celebratory high tea, on September the 19th, the 125th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage.

Proud to be a part of the Suffrage 125 national event programme.

Awarding Waikato125

High Tea

Councillor Angela O’Leary will
award the Waikato’s 125 with
a commemorative plaque.


Wednesday 19 September
The anniversary of Suffrage


Grain Exchange
Maui Street, Te Rapa

A note from Angela O’Leary
Angela O'Leary

This year marks the 125th anniversary of Suffrage, an important and significant milestone. It was important to me to ensure the anniversary was celebrated with something special. I thought about what life would have been like for women in the Waikato region 125 years ago. How did the Suffrage movement affect them and their lives? What were their struggles, what were the challenges they faced that kept them awake at night?

I wondered about the messages those women left for us back then, what were they saying, what did the women who went before us hope for us today in 2018. The journey for this project is to find the answer to the question - how much has actually changed?

I thought about the women of the Waikato today, and I considered some of the struggles I’ve had to face from time to time in an industry dominated by men. Are the struggles for Waikato women today similar to the women who built our beautiful region, are the messages from them still relevant today?

Angela O'Leary

If we were to leave a message for the women who will follow us 125 years from now, what would that message be? Waikato125 will tell stories of the women who went before us 125 years ago, their life, and their struggles. It will celebrate the lives of some inspiring women from the Waikato today, and leave our message filled with our hope - for women over the next 125 years.

Angela O'Leary